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My name is John Maggs and am the founder of Dorset PA Hire alongside my other Sound and Lighting Training and Consulting business Artiste Projection Services.

I have been involved in PA Hire and Rentals, sound hire, lighting hire and stage management for all sortsof events for over 40 years . I have customers ranging  from, Bands, ensembles, duos, concerts, festivals, Theatres, Pantomime, Musical, corporate, conference, business meeting, Clubs, Drama group, Drama school, Schools, School drama departments, School Dance department, School music department, Village halls, Hotels, Churches, Church halls, Sports centers, Councils, Council chambers, Charities, hire companies and more……

In all the years I have been involved in PA Hire & Rentals, I have always tried to provide a Professional and High quality service. I am reliable and prompt. As a result of my long experience and qualifications I provide you with the best service and advice.

John Maggs

Owner, Dorset PA Hire

The equipment we use is some of the most advanced and state of the art available and additionally we have the best classic gear as well. As a result of our expertise and the equipment we have available to us we create Stunning and effective results

We have offices in Dorset and take on contracts in Dorset and Hampshire. We provide a extensive range of audio and visual products for  “Hire”  from a mike cable or lamp to a Lighting system , a PA Sound System, Plasma Screens on Unicol  Stands, Projectors or Projection Screens.

Hire equipment can be delivered to and set up in your chosen venue then collected at the end of the event. Besides personally delivering the equipment to your event, we can also demo the equipment to you, ensuring a full comprehensive handover is completed.

We provide a highly proactive approach to solving our different customers requirements and we understand the importance of being flexible.

We have the knowledge to advise on the best equipment for any PA Hire and so on. If it’s just a one day event or a long contract hire we are here to listen to your needs. We will quote the best possible equipment and price.

Discounts are available for longer periods of hire and multiple equipment hire to both Corporate and Private customers. All equipment is backed up by our great customer service. If you also require a technician to operate our hire equipment during your event we can provide this service too.

We have also provided a “quick email service” and aim to have a reply back to you quickly.

“Whether you are a business, individual, hotel or events organiser we have the experience and equipment to optimise your event.”

If you don’t want to operate the equipment yourselves we can provide expert operation for you so you can relax and enjoy the event.

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