A small sample of the Sound Equipment from the Dorset PA Hire inventory:

sound equipment inventory from John Maggs

I Have a vast selection of sound and lighting equipment in stock ready to hire to you . From the most sophisticated digital sound mixing desks from Midas, Yamaha and Roland right the way down to a jack to jack cable , for the times you forgot one! As You will see from the pictures of the equipment I have in stock, the selection is pretty divers. Not only do I have the stock of equipment, I also have the knowledge to help you use it correctly. If you are not sure what you need for a particular job you only have to ask and I will do my best to sort you out with a sensible solution.    For more information or help give me a call on 01202 580596. I am happy to help you get sorted out.


On the analogue side I have the Midas Venice 160 with  its combination of mono and stereo inputs which are good for a small conference or live band up to the Midas XL 200 providing 48 channels , vcas complex tone controls an loads of auxiliary sends  . If you are looking for a digital solution I can supply an M32r with its on board 16 mike inputs or if you need to cope with big numbers of sources I have the M7CL with its 48 channels and the LS9 which can be supplied with up to 64 inputs


 Control equipment – Tone controls  – Dynamics – Speaker control

The quality and power of the control behind a system is paramount to getting the best out of any system ,it mot only makes it sound as good as it can but also provides protection to the components


I have a large rang of power amplifiers from a few hundred watts to 4 thousand watts each of these has its uses and when the correct amplifier is used the result is great sound and reliable operation


I have a divers rang of speakers from a small 8″ and horn cabinet which is great for speach in a small conference enviroment to to a massive system with 16 x 18″ bass cabinets  and 8 x 2 X 12″ and horn mid tops. Again each of these has its uses and when the correct amplifier and system control is used with it, the resulting  sound is outstanding and the reliability is optimised

Active Speaker Systems

This system in particular has some unique advantages from a users viewpoint;  it all comes in one box a side , it is very loud for its size, all the amplification and system control is in the bass cabinet. Due to the style of speaker alignment (line array) in this system, it is possible to focus the sound in a precis way



Horses for courses, I have the ubiquitous Shure SM 58 for classic band vocals , Audiotechica large diaphragm condenser mikes for capturing the detailed sounds and a whole variate of other mikes as well