Success Stories

  • The Dudsbury Country Club Cabaret night 29/20/15

CabaretDorset pa hire at the Dudsbury

It Was nice to be involved in some real entertainment yesterday (29th October 2015) at the Dudsbury Country Club on the first of their Cabaret nights with Bafaana, the Dudsbury Dancing Girls and top of the bill Matt Black who was anything but “Dull” . Great acts, a great atmosphere down to Paul and his team and great sound, blowing my one trumpet for Dorset Pa Hire.





  • This is a comment from  SoundStorm to Jake Sutton, the technical Manager at  Poole light house, about the service I gave them when I did sound, when they had their event their

Hi Jakefront of house for another Success Story

I just wanted to tell you your tech team were excellent last week during the SoundStorm concert event.

There were lots of changes and demands from various musicians and they just got on and made it happen.

John the Soundman was brilliant and the tech on the floor (can’t remember his name now…Josh? maybe not…) anyway he had some tricky musicians to deal with but he was so on it! Lawrence was also really helpful throughout.

They were a real pleasure to work with and made my job so much easier.

Please pass on my thanks to them.

Best wishes


Libby Battaglia

Creative Director and Producer

m: 07867 721233

t: @artsambitions



  • Repair and set up at Jalarra Café Bar Live Music

    45 Poole Hill Bournemouth Dorset BH2 5PW

Shortly after Jalarra oped a problem with their sound system was noticed and I was called in to investigate . After  some initial experiments I found there were two main problems .The first was due to a cabling problem and the second was a result of some damaged speaker components,

TheseIlive problems were rectified and then the I Live desk and the EV XLE181 speaker system were set up for the room.




Here are Tony the owner of the venue’s comments

Hi John

The system is much better thank you – vocal clarity much improved.

We run the on stage monitors pre-fader but we don’t seem to be having much of a feedback issue at all.

Looking forward to having a decent band on that makes us push the system.



  • Coments from Ferndown Upper school about the service we gave for their Prize giving for 2015

This year the Ferndown Upper school Prize giving 2015 took place at the Carington hotel.

The sound equipment an2015 prize giving for Ferndown upper schoold setup was provided by us in line with the specification from the school . We added an extra lectern microphone as well to make the presentation run even more smoothly, rather than having to hand around a handheld radio microphone.

the system comprised 2 additional hand held radio microphones to supplement the schools lapel systems, a lecture microphone, Midas M32 R  which was set up to drive two sets of speakers and amplifiers which were arranged with a delay to improve intelligibility

Mike Banton from the technical department at the school commented

“Thanks for Friday – such a fantastic service you provided”

And Richard Redwood commented in an email


‘We were very impressed with John’s efficiency. He arrived early, set up all the equipment and tested that it was working correctly. Our graduation event went very smoothly and John arrived at the end of the evening to pack it all away again. He made our day much less stressful! I would recommend him to other schools/colleges to support with their large events. John was also excellent value for money, ’

Richard Redwood

Assistant Head
Ferndown Upper School”


The system was hired in by the customer to be used on a theatrical performance as a result of the comments by staff and audiences as to the clarity and uniform coverage  they rapidly made the decision to purchase a system.

This new installation uses the LR1000 small line array system to overcome the cathedral like acoustics of Thornden Hall,The application of this system provides excellent speech intelligibility and musical performance. The on board speaker management system provided all the tools necessary to tailor the system to the room, Besides its brilliant sonic performance the LR1000 is ascetically very useful in this room, as the black, side drapes mask the bass cabinets which are mounted behind the mid tops and just behind these drape. The mid top cabinets mounted in front of the drapes virtually disappear. Custom made brackets designed by ourselves and Doughty Engineering, provide a robust mounting solution  with all the necessary pan and tilt adjustment required to align the mid top cabinets .All in all a very successful installation .


Dissapearing Speakers


  • Conventional profiles and LED lighting at the performance by Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers  supported by The Secrets


The equipment from our diverse hire stock was delivered and set  for our customer to light a performance by Zoe Muth, a renowned American country music artist . The venue was rather unusual for this type of act, as it is a Church of England Church which has very little mains power so the use of conventional 1 k par cans was not an option. Instead the system employed 16  COLORado™ 1-Tri Tour; Two to light the rear of the altar, four to light the screen between the Nave and the chancel, two to give general cross light for the stage , six to light the pillars down the centre isle and two mounted on a pair of Doughty  windup stands position at the first pillars in front of the stage, these provided more intense colours for the stage. Besides the  COLORados we also used 2 profiles on each stand one with a break-up gobo to provide some texture to the lighting on the stage and the other to provide a white highlight for the centre stage main performer . The control was provided by a Scene Setter 24 dmx lighting desk which provides simple operation with excellent facilities including dimmable scenes, memories and chases. The resulting looks that could be produced were pretty dramatic, but due to the style of the act some more refined looks were set up to suit the show. These ranged from  pastel background with texture and highlighting of  Zoe for the ballads and more dynamic colours  for the rockier tunes.